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GB Patent: GB-178,101,306
Converting reciprocating motion of steam or fire engines to provide a rotating motion
James Watt - Birmingham, England

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propulsion and energy : steam engines


Not known to have been produced


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Granted: Oct. 25, 1781

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Wikipedia biography of James Watt
"...methods of applying the vibrating or reciprocating motion of steam or fire engines to procure a continued rotative or circular motion round an axis or centre, and thereby to give motion to the wheels of mills or other machines..." This patent covers the sun and planet gear system for converting reciprocating to rotary motion, which was created to circumvent James Pickard's patent, GB-178,001,263, on the use of a crank to achieve the same end. As soon as Pickard's patent expired, in 1794, Watt abandoned the sun and planet gear system in favor of the much simpler crank.

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