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US Patent: 17,914
Nut Machine
Robert Brayton - Buffalo, NY

USPTO Classifications:
12/33, 91/338, 91/355

Tool Categories:
specialty machines : nut or bolt making machines


Not known to have been produced

S. D. Van Schaick
J. R. Jones

Patent Dates:
Granted: Aug. 04, 1857

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for D. June & Co.

By the action of spring P, in combination with the eccentric J, the arm L is moved from L1 to L, and also reverses the valve in the steam chest as soon as it is released from the spring catch Q; thereby steam is admitted to the upper end of the cylinder, causing the head block B and the dies to descend from A1 to A, and back to A1, thereby making a double stroke ; at the same time the wrist R, which is secured to the head block, as it descends, turns the arm L down to L1, when it is caught by spring catch Q. Thus as soon as the arm L is released from the catch Q it turns from L1 to L, which instantly causes the head block to descend, and the dies to punch and compress the nut into shape; the head block then returns to its former position, and the nut is discharged from the die box.

Claim—The use of the trigger s, spring catch Q, arm L, pin /, slide rod V, provided with the spring e, notch v, protection g, and inclined plane h, substantially as described, and in relation to and being operated by the foot lever a and spring c, constructed and arranged in the manner and for the purposes specified.

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