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GB Patent: GB-189,725,999
Improvements in Machine for Manufacturing Open or Reticulated Metal Work
Christopher William James - Hythe, Kent, England

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metalworking machines : sheet metal : sheet metal forming rolls

Joshua Buckton & Co. - Leeds, England

Not known to have been produced


Patent Dates:
Applied: Nov. 09, 1897
Granted: Oct. 15, 1898

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Christopher William James
"Vintage Machinery" entry for Joshua Buckton & Co.
Note: Early English patents (pre 1916) were numbered by the year and started at patent #1 at the start of each year in January. The patent # used in DATAMP represents the year of issue of the application and the patent #. This patent is #25,999 of the year 1897.


Relates to machines for reticulated metal work or expanded sheet metal between built-up corrugated and straight shear blades. The slide 1, actuated vertically by an eccentric shaft 15, carries at its lower end a saddle 2 capable of being reciprocated horizontally between each stroke of the machine to form the meshes. The slide 2 to which the separate blades 5 forming the corrugated blade are secured is movable by a roller 25 engaging deep cams 20 and 21 carried by a plate 19 on a shaft 18 driven at half the speed of the shaft 15. When stops or fingers 8 are used to regulate the feed of the sheet metal and therefore the distance between successive series of cuts, they project over the lower blade 6 between the separate blades 5, and they are reciprocated horizontally by a pin 27 on the saddle 2 which is always in engagement with a block 28 connected to the shafts 9, 10 carrying the fingers.

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