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GB Patent: GB-189,925,244
John Clark Dobbie - Glasgow, Scotland

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propulsion and energy : steam apparatus : steam indicators


Dobbie-McInnes, Ltd. - Glasgow, Scotland


Patent Dates:
Applied: Dec. 20, 1899
Granted: Nov. 24, 1900

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Dobbie-McInnes, Ltd.
In steam-engine indicators, and more especially in those of the type described in Specification No. 11,026 of 1898, and with the object of improving the construction and the lessening the weight of the moving parts of such indicators, so as to render them more sensitive, the overhanging arm, and preferably also the back stay, radius link, and other moving links connected thereto, are made of aluminum or similar light metal or alloy. The pin joints or other parts on which the arms and links oscillate, are made of steel or other hard metal, the pins being of hard metal, and the orifices through which they pass being lined with bushes of metal hard enough to withstand wear. The piston and piston-rod are by preference made of a single piece, which is turned down to form two or more disc-like pistons at one end, and is reduced in diameter to form the piston rod throughout the remainder of its length, and this piston-rod may be bored out to lighten it. The discs may be cupped or turned with a lip or flange to fit the cylinder on the indicator, and one of these discs fits the cylinder steam tight, whilst the other, or others, may serve as a guide or guides, and may be perforated for further lightness, and to allow of the passage of grit into the space between discs.

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