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US Patent: 191,560
Improvement in lathe-tools
Edward F. Beugler - Williamsport, PA

USPTO Classifications:
407/113, 407/97

Tool Categories:
metalworking machines : metal lathes : lathe tools

John Du Bois - Williamsport, PA
Edward F. Beugler - Williamsport, PA

Du Bois & Beugler - Williamsport, PA

H. L. Livingston
J. A. Livingston

Patent Dates:
Applied: Jan. 31, 1877
Granted: Jun. 05, 1877

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Du Bois & Beugler
Dodge & Son - patent attorneys

This patent was also granted German patent DE1299 on 1877-08-02. That patent was granted jointly to Messrs. Beugler and Du Bois.

My invention relates to that class of tools which consist of a shank or holder, provided with a small detachable cutter or tool, the one shank being designed to receive the various different cutters required in practice, to the end that the latter may be made without the shanks, which it is usual to forge upon them. I am aware that various tools have been invented consisting of a shank or holder, and a detachable cutter secured therein but in practice they have been found objectionable on account of their expense, of the insecurity with which they hold the cutters, and of the trouble experienced on account of the cutter being brought in contact with the rest or other parts of the lathe at its lower end. My invention is designed to overcome the difficulties incident to other tools; and consists in constructing my shank with a lateral oblique socket at one end to receive the cutter or tool, and in making the latter of a curved form, in order to prevent its rear end from projecting below the level of the shank.

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