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US Patent: 205,434
Hand Vise
Benjamin F. Stephens - Brooklyn, NY

USPTO Classifications:
269/245, 269/256, 269/4, 269/72, 269/77

Tool Categories:
work holding : vises : hand vises



George T. Pinckney
Charles H. Smith
John D. Patten

Patent Dates:
Applied: May 24, 1878
Granted: Jun. 25, 1878

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Martin J. Donnelly Antique Tools
Lemuel W. Terrell - patent attorney

In this vise the front jaw has a tubular stock at right angles to the face of the jaw, in which stock a bar upon the back jaw slides and is guided by a slot and pin. The screw that actuates the jaws is applied in this stock. Around the stock is a clamping-eye, through which a screw passes to act against a follower in the eye and clamp the stock at any position to which it may be turned within the clamping-eye. The clamping-screw is either at the end of a handle by which the vise is held, or it may be upon a clamping stand or bed upon a bench, or it may be the mandrel of a turning-lathe. In either instance the vise can be made to hold any article that is to be filed, turned, bored, or otherwise worked, or the jaws may be used to hold any cutting or boring tool or bits, so that this tool is of general utility, especially upon small or hand work.

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