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US Patent: 205,867
Portable Engine
Edward Huber - Marion, OH
John C. Titus - Marion, OH
James F. Swinnerton - Marion, OH

USPTO Classifications:
122/481, 180/36

Tool Categories:
propulsion and energy : steam apparatus : portable steam engines

Huber Mfg. Co. - Marion, OH

Not known to have been produced

John A. Wolford
John F. McNeal
Amos W. Hart

Patent Dates:
Applied: Apr. 30, 1878
Granted: Jul. 09, 1878

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Huber Manufacturing Co.

The invention consists in an exhaust-steam feed-water heater and a mud or sediment extractor so connected and arranged with the boiler proper and the pump that the water is forced in hot at the side of the extractor, and escapes from the top thereof in a still hotter condition, and mostly free of sediment or solid foreign matter.

The invention further consists in dispensing with a considerable number of fire-tubes and substituting a single large tube or flue therefor, and placing in the latter a hollow bridge, through which steam is conducted for superheating it before reaching the steam-chest.

The invention further consists in constructing the smoke-stack in sections, which slide telescopically one within another, and are secured in any adjustment by means of a friction-clamp.


1. The combination, with the horizontal boiler A, of the feed-Water heater and mud or sediment extractor M, the two being connected by a pipe, f, leading from the top of the latter, and the exhaust-steam heater P and pipe e connected thereto, for conducting water from the pump and introducing it at the side of the heater M, all arranged as shown and described, for the purpose specified.

2. The combination, substantially as described, of the hollow tire-bridge located in the large central tire-flue, the dome steam-pipe, and the exit steam-pipe leading to the steam-chest, for the purpose of superheating the steam, as specified.

3. The combination, with a portable engine, of the fixed and adjustable sections of the smokestack and the friction-clamp, consisting of a band and screw, applied and arranged as shown and described, for the purpose specified.

4. In combination with a portable engine, the boster b, having a socket open on the front side, the hounds e, the tongue E, standard a, and axle D.

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