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US Patent: 2,069,395
Safety shield
Herbert E. Tautz - Milwaukee, WI

USPTO Classifications:
144/251.1, 29/DIG86, 451/411, 451/455, 451/456, D15/126

Tool Categories:
metalworking machines : grinders : sharpening machines : bench or pedestal grinders

Delta Manufacturing Co. - Milwaukee, WI

Delta Manufacturing Co. - Milwaukee, WI


Patent Dates:
Applied: Oct. 21, 1935
Granted: Feb. 02, 1937

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Delta Manufacturing Co.
This is the patent for the Delta Twin-Lite grinder shield. "The invention relates to safety shields for grinding wheels and the like, and has for an object to provide a safety shield which will effectively guard a user of a grinding wheel from flying particles and afford shadowless illumination of the wheel and work viewed through the shield." This is done by using a pair of lamps, one on either side of the grinding wheel.

This patent was the subject of at least two lawsuits: one launched by Delta against Essley Machinery Co., and the other launched by The Stanley Works against Delta's successor, Rockwell Manufacturing Co. The first lawsuit was decided in favor of Delta. The second lawsuit concerned this patent's Claim 6: "A safety shield comprising a housing having a top wall and a skirt, said top wall having an opening, a transparent panel for said opening, a transparent panel for said opening for viewing work therethrough, and means carried by said housing for directing light onto the work from regions adjacent the opposite sides of said panel and within said skirt". This claim was disallowed as being an obvious extension of the prior art, especially patent 1,633,412.

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