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US Patent: 2,266,511
Grease Retainer Cup Tool
Earl Predmore - Kenton, OH

USPTO Classifications:
29/245, 29/268, 81/426.5

Tool Categories:
specialty tools : automotive tools

Earl Predmore - Kenton, OH
Walter Linke - Kenton, OH
Van Stephenson - Mount Victory, OH
H. A. Moning - Lima, OH
F. D. Wilson - Kenton, OH
Vernon E. Carlson - Canton, OH

Lectrolite Corp. - Defiance, OH

none listed

Patent Dates:
Applied: Apr. 07, 1938
Granted: Dec. 16, 1941

Patent Pictures: [ 1 | 2 ]
Earl Predmore patent December 16, 1941
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Tongs type tool with jaws shaped to grip the grease retainer / dust cap of wheel hubs, and the handle ends shaped to facilitate hub cap removal on some wheel types.

Known example marked LECTROLITE TRU-FIT PAT NO. 2266511.

The assignment portion allocates one-twentieth interest to each of four individuals and one-fourth interest to another.

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