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US Patent: 2,321
Sawmill for resawing boards and other timber
Pearson Crosby - Fredonia, NY

USPTO Classifications:
83/13, 83/422, 83/555, 83/561

Tool Categories:
woodworking machines : reciprocating saws : reciprocating sawmills
woodworking machines : sawmills : reciprocating sawmills


Pearson Crosby - Fredonia, NY
John Gibson - Albany, NY

David H. Keavins
John W. Post

Patent Dates:
Granted: Nov. 03, 1841

Reissue Information:
Reissued as RE130 (Mar. 10, 1849)

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for John Gibson
"Vintage Machinery" entry for Pearson Crosby
Extended 1855-10-30, and reissued twice.

"I claim the method of operation substantially as described of gaging, guiding, and presenting boards to the action of a saw, which mode of operation results from combining with a splitting saw the mechanism substantially as described, for gaging and guiding one face of the boards, and the mechanism for making a self-adjusting pressure, substantially as described, on the opposite face of the boards so that the boards will be clamped between the two said mechanisms on opposite faces, and immediately in front of the cutting edge of the saw, so as to present the gaged face of the boards, however warped or bent they may be, in a plane parallel with the plane of the saw, as set forth.

"And I also claim, in combination with a splitting saw, and the arrangement of the gage and pressure rollers, substantially as described, connecting the said gage and pressure rollers with the mechanism from which they derive motion by means of universal joints, substantially as and for the purpose specified.

"And I also claim the method substantially as described of hanging and straining the saw, by the combination of the three stirrups at the ends of the saw, constructed and connected in the manner substantially as described."

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