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US Patent: 2,468,039
Dressing Tool
Wallace M. Cochrane - Davenport, IA
Hans A. Hanson - South Bend, IN

USPTO Classifications:
125/11.14, 33/628

Tool Categories:
metalworking machines : grinders : grinder dressers


Not known to have been produced

none listed

Patent Dates:
Applied: May 10, 1946
Granted: Apr. 26, 1949

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J. H. Church & W. E. Thibodeau - patent attorneys

This invention relates to a machine tool and more particularly to a tool of the type for dressing grinding .wheels. In its specific aspects the invention relates to a tool having a swingable dressing point adapted to dress grinding wheels having accurate contours. In the manufacture of various components, machining operations are followed by precision grinding operations. The grinding operations are most successfully accomplished by the use of grinding wheels having contours conforming to the desired shape of the finished component. In order that the utmost accuracy and precision may be obtained in work such as this, it is necessary that the grinding wheel be rough dressed and then finish dressed to secure the proper contour thereon. Although dressers of the general type referred to have been commonly used heretofore, such dressers ordinarily involve rather prolonged interruption of the grinding operation on the product or component and in certain instances it is necessary to remove the grinding wheel from the grinding machine for the purpose of dressing the wheel in a different machine. It is a principal object of the present invention to provide a contour dresser constructed as an attachment for the machine in which the grinding operation is being performed and to embody in such attachment a shiftable tool support that may be moved from a work position in which the grinding wheel may be dressed to an idle position in which the dressing tool is disposed remote from the grinding wheel and out of the way of the work on which the grinding operation is being performed. It is an important object of the invention to provide means on the dressing attachment for determining the position of the dressing tool so that the contour followed by the tool will be accurately defined. It is another important object of the invention to provide removable gauging means and to adapt the attachment to receive different types and sizes in such gage means. The invention has for another object the provision of means for moving the dressing tool between its work position and its idle position; and the provision of simple and effective means for locking the tool in either of its positions. Still another object of the invention is the provision of novel tool-carrying means adapting the tool for adjustment through a variety of ranges.

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