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US Patent: 260,127
Proportional balance
Charles Seymour - Defiance, OH

USPTO Classifications:
73/482, 73/65.01

Tool Categories:
woodworking machines : woodworking machine parts or accessories : woodworking machine sharpening mechanisms

Defiance Machine Works - Defiance, OH

Defiance Machine Works - Defiance, OH

Jacob J. Greene
P. Kettenring

Patent Dates:
Applied: Feb. 28, 1880
Granted: Jun. 27, 1882

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Defiance Machine Works
"My improvements relate to scales for use in obtaining the proportional weight of the different parts of planer-knives, molding machine knives, tenoning-machine knives, &c.

"In machines of the above-named character having knives fixed in a revolving head it is of the greatest importance that a running balance should be obtained, and the usual method, which consists in the reduction of the knives to the same cubic measurement or specific gravity, has not been found sufficient for the purpose.

"The object of my invention is to obtain an indication of the differences in weight between corresponding parts of two or more knives, whereby an accurate distribution of weight in the cutter-head may be obtained.

"My invention consists in a scale having a poised beam and counter-weights of usual construction, and having its platform fitted directly upon the scale-beam without an equipoise, so that a change in position of the article on the platform requires a shifting of the counterweight to balance the scale."

The weighing procedure is as follows. First, each of a set of knives are compared in weight by placing the face of a knife on the vertical face of the platform d. If they are all the same weight, then the process is repeated but placing the backs of each knife against the vertical face. Next, place each of the knives flatwise on the platform in as many orientations as is appropriate for the design of the knives. When, after judicious grinding, all knives agree in all measurements in all orientations then the knives are perfectly balanced and will work without vibration.

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