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US Patent: 271,569
Gage Self-setting Transitional Plane
David A Bridges - Vineland, NJ

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woodworking tools : planes : plane cap irons
woodworking tools : planes : bench planes

David A Bridges - Vineland, NJ
John Porcius Gage - Vineland, NJ

Gage Tool Co. - Vineland, NJ
The Stanley Rule & Level Co. - New Britain, CT

Charles F. Kellog
Albro S. Brown
Villette Anderson
Philip C Masi

Patent Dates:
Applied: Apr. 17, 1882
Granted: Jan. 30, 1883

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Larry McVoy rebuilds a Gage Plane
An interesting autobiography of the father of John P. Gage
The invention is a metallic insert for a transitional plane that has a means for securing the capiron independantly of the cutter. The capiron is held stationary while the cutter can be adjusted. The insert also has means for cutter depth adjusting using a lug which attaches to the back of the cutter and fits between two collars on the depth adjusting screw.

This is the earliest patent associated with The Gage Tool Co. Gage planes were heavily advertised and sold well based on the numbers commonly found. The transitional type planes came with a beech stock as a standard, and applewood as an option. Some rosewood stocks are known.

Gage patented a lateral lever 323804 to Bridge's plane design. Smith in PTAMPIA1 says no known planes with this lever. He also patented another improved mechanism for cutter control 339872.

John Gage sold his company to Philip Leavens in 1917, who subsequently sold it to Stanley Rule and Level in 1919. Stanley sold a reduced line of the transitional type self-setting planes until 1934. Stanley transferred this self-setting mechanism to metallic planes in 1920 based on 1331280. The line of metallic self-setting planes was sold until 1941. Stanley-made planes of both the transitional and metallic varieties have model numbers preceded with the "G" prefix.

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