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US Patent: 272,274
Stop-Chamfer Plane
Joseph Lee - Garnersville, NY

USPTO Classifications:
30/481, 30/484

Tool Categories:
woodworking tools : planes : chamfer planes


Horace Thurston - Providence, RI


Patent Dates:
Applied: Aug. 12, 1882
Granted: Feb. 13, 1883

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(see patent picture #2) The "Victorian Era" is remembered now as an "Age of Excess", a time of gingerbread homes, elaborately carved furniture and, among collectors, of great tools, the likes of which never existed before and have not been equalled since. It was these times that produced many of the great collectible tools that fascinate and inspire the antique tool collector. These were the years of the Miller's Patent metallic planes, of Davis levels and so many more artfully conceived and elaborately executed tools. This was also the time that motivated one Joseph H. Lee, of Garnerville, New York to seek a patent for his "stop chamfer plane", a patent that was granted on February 13, 1883. We know from historical records that Lee, a practicioner of the patternmaker's art, then relocated to Providence, Rhode Island, where his plane was produced by one Horace Thurston, a Providence manufacturer. It has been further documented by research that, by 1886, the Lee's Stop Chamfer Plane was no longer being produced. We know that Lee's plane was produced in both cast iron and bronze, or gunmetal, and that few examples of either are known extant. In fifteen years of dedicated searching, we have encountered perhaps five of the cast iron variety and two, this being the second, of the gunmetal type. All were in carefully kept collections. Boldly marked with the patent information and maker name on the locking screw and body and still retaining nearly all of its original decorative embellishment on the handle, this magnificent example is, without question, the finest example of this plane ever to be offered for public sale. This, the Patent Gunmetal Stop Chamfer Plane of Joseph Lee, captures the spirit of that glorious time and preserves it for all time. (Courtesy and (C) of the poetically waxing Martin J. Donnelly www.mjdtools.com)

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