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US Patent: 290,106
Convertible Tool
Henry Port - Vincennes, France

USPTO Classifications:
269/4, 7/139, 81/164, 81/181, 81/52

Tool Categories:
combination tools


Not known to have been produced

J. Pitt Lowe
Robt. M. Hooper
W. E. Roulter
G. W. Knotts

Patent Dates:
Applied: Sep. 17, 1883
Granted: Dec. 11, 1883

Patent Pictures:
Henry Port patent December 11, 1883
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The specifications note German, French and Belgian patents. The specifications describe movable and fixed jaws, and various combinations of wrench, adz, hatchet, hammer, vise, and pipe-cutter assembled from the parts shown and described.

The basic wrench resembles Port's Nov. 30, 1875 patent no. 170,492.

GB-188304477 (Provisional, registered Sept. 19, 1883) may represent an attempt to secure a British patent for the tool. A further combination tool evolution which saw production as "PORT'S UNIVERSAL WRENCH" corresponds to British patent GB-189122707.

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