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NF Patent: NF-30
Transmission of signals of short duration through long lines of submarine cable
William Thomson - Glasgow, Scotland
Cromwell Fleetwood Varley - New York, NY

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specialty machines : telegraphy apparatus


Not known to have been produced


Patent Dates:
Granted: Oct. 19, 1866

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Lewis Coe's "The Telegraph", on Cromwell Fleetwood Varley
William Thomson was the future Lord Kelvin; Cromwell Fleetwood Varley was an English telegraph authority. In early 1868 he was granted a US patent for a telegraph-wire insulator and that patent gave his address as New York, which we use here in the absence of better information. It is very likely that, like Thomson, Varley was involved in the 1866 Newfoundland-to-Ireland transatlantic telegraph cable effort. The Lewis Coe book "The Telegraph" notes that in 1868, Varley was brought from England to the US by Western Union to survey its telegraph operations and provide recommendations for improvements.

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