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US Patent: 317,324
Machine for Planing the Folded or Curled Edges of Hat Brims
Rudolf Eickemeyer - Yonkers, NY

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specialty machines : hat making machines


Not known to have been produced

William B. Edgar
James S. Fitch
Phillip F. Larnet
Howell T. Barttle

Patent Dates:
Applied: Jan. 15, 1885
Granted: May 05, 1885

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William B. Wood - patent attorney

A machine embodying my present invention constitutes one of a series of machines which includes others which have been devised by me for folding and curling hat-brims under what I deem to be a novel system, and said machines have been made the subjects of separate applications for patent heretofore filed by me. With one of my machines in its best form I am enabled, by merely turning a crank, to so trim a folded or curled brim-edge that it will be widest at its sides, and be gradually decreased in width toward front and rear until said folded or curled edge practically merges with the upper surface of the brim ; but by variations in adjustment said machine will trim an edge which is folded entirely around the brim, either with uniformity in width or with any desired variations, because the cutting-line may be confined either to a true circle or to an ordinary oval, or to an "egg" or hat oval, regardless of the dimensions of said circle and ovals. I employ as a novel feature in my machines a rapidly-driven rotary planing-tool provided with knives or cutters which remove the surplus felt in a finely-cut or "flocked" condition, as distinguished from removing said surplus in strips, as by rotary blade cutters, or rotary and vibrating shears, as used in brim-rounding machines, or as by knives which operate in making a "draw" cut on the felt, as in prior brim-planing machines.

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