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US Patent: 342,535
Willis J. Perkins - Grand Rapids, MI

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woodworking machines : machine and tool cutters : sawblades


Perkins & Co. - Grand Rapids, MI

Arthur C. Denison
Fred W. Stevens

Patent Dates:
Applied: Nov. 18, 1884
Granted: May 25, 1886

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Perkins & Co.
"In sawing timber lengthwise of the grain, and particularly in sawing shingle-bolts set on end and presented to the saw sidewise, the timber is liable to spring together behind the teeth and bind the saw. It has hitherto been necessary to run the bolt backward as often as the saw became bound, and advance it to the saw again to widen the cut sufficiently to allow the saw to advance through the bolt. This backing out and advance movement in many instances has to be repeated eight or ten times, and becomes a serious nuisance on account of the loss of time thereby incurred, and the consequent increase in the cost of manufacture of shingles, or whatever else the timber is designed for. The object of my present invention is to provide a saw which will clear itself when forced through timber. With this end in view my invention consists in a saw provided with one or more series of cutting-teeth located in the saw-plate."

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