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US Patent: 3,654,686
Clamping Tool
Frederick R. McFarland - Lancaster, Lancaster County, PA
Walter L. Diffenderfer - Lancaster, Lancaster County, PA

USPTO Classifications:
269/48.1, 29/280, 29/282, 294/94, 294/97

Tool Categories:
specialty tools : valve tappet removers


K-D Mfg. Co. - Lancaster, Lancaster County, PA

none listed

Patent Dates:
Applied: Dec. 08, 1969
Granted: Apr. 11, 1972

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A tool is provided, that is adapted to be engaged in the hand of the user, and which has a depressable portion, which actuates jaws adapted for internal engagement of a member. The tool is particularly useful for reaching into automobile engines and the like, and working loose and removing valve tappets, and then lifting the tappets up through the engine, with the jaws or grips of the tool in engagement internally of the tappets.

We claim:

1. A tool for internally engaging machine elements and the like in clamping relation from a location remote from the location of tool actuation, comprising a first longitudinal elongated member, a second longitudinal elongated member disposed for longitudinal movement relative to said first member, manual gripping means on said second member for manual engagement for facilitating its longitudinal movement, connecting means carried by said first member, two clamping elements, each mounted for pivotally sliding on said connecting means, lips on said each of said clamping elements, and cam means on each of said elements, cam drive means carried by said second member at a location remote from said manual gripping means and located closer to said lips than to said connecting means to provide means for maximizing forces applied through said clamping element lips for engaging said cam means and driving said elements pivotally relative to each other, with their respective lips laterally away from each other, wherein said first and second members are spaced apart relative to each other at their ends closest to said clamping elements, with said clamping elements being disposed in sandwiched relation there between.

2. The tool of claim 1, wherein said cam means comprise slotted holes disposed obliquely relative to the longitudinal disposition of said members and relative to the lateral direction of movement of said lips, and wherein said drive means comprises a pin means carried by said second member and disposed through each of said slotted holes.

3. The tool of claim 1, wherein said gripping means is spring-biased toward said elements by a spring and is movable in opposition to said spring for relative lateral outward movement of said clamping means to article-engaging position.

4. The tool of claim 1, wherein a palm-engaging knob is disposed on an end of said first member remote from said clamping means.

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