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US Patent: 38,633
Bit or boring tool
Burton Sanderson - Derby Line, VT

USPTO Classifications:

Tool Categories:
woodworking tools : hand drills : drill bits : spoon bits

E. C. Merrill & Co. - Unknown, Unknown

Excelsior Bit Co. - Unknown, Unknown

George D. Wyman
Benjamin H. Steele

Patent Dates:
Granted: May 19, 1863

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"It is a fact well known that hundreds, if not thousands, of valuable trees are destroyed annually by what is technically termed 'tapping' them. This destruction arises not so much from the mere fact of such trees having been bored into as from the barbarous mangling of the heart of the tree by the instrument employed in boring the hole or passage for the issue of the sap or saccharine matter. It is also well known that the implement employed for this purpose is the common auger. Now, with such auger it is impossible to bore a smooth hole on its inner end, as the worm of the auger extends directly into the inner part or heart of the tree one-fourth of an inch or more beyond what it is desired to have the hole made. This, of course, is a detriment to the vitality of any tree, but especially of a young one, as such injured or bruised part is not so liable to heal up as if the incision had been of a proper depth, and the parts had been left in a smooth state. The object of my invention is to provide a tool which shall remedy this evil.

"In carrying out my improvement, I construct my improved boring or 'tapping' tool with its boring part of a semi-conoidal form—that is, of a semi-conic frustrum—having its lesser part or base surmounted by a concave-convex head or end, and I make its cutting-edge in one continuous line, extending entirely around the boring part of the bit, whereby the inner end of a hole, as well as the surfaces thereof, when made in a tree or other article by my improved boring-tool, is formed perfectly smooth."

This type of bit is sometimes called a "pod bit".

An example we have seen is labeled "EXCELSIOR BITT CO. PAT MAY 19, 1863".

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