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US Patent: 428,890
Key Seat Ruler
James Carr - Syracuse, NY

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rules : rule attachments


Hoggson & Pettis Mfg. Co. - New Haven, CT

C. W. Smith
H. P. Denison

Patent Dates:
Applied: Nov. 29, 1889
Granted: May 27, 1890

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Hoggson & Pettis Manufacturing Co.

My invention relates to devices for marking or laying out and measuring key-seats, grooves, slot-ways, or rabbets upon rounded surfaces of wood or metal.

My object is to provide anew and improved device for marking or laying out and measuring key-seats, grooves, slotways, or rabbets in or upon rounded surfaces before they are cut out, and which will fit upon any rounded surface at any point between the ends of the shaft, and can be operated to lay out the length and width of the key-seat, groove slot-way, or rabbet before it is cut, and to measure the accuracy of the work done, which is adapted to use straight-edges of varying lengths or width, or any width, and can be adjusted to different lengths, as well as to fit a large bar or a small rod.


1. The combination of the clamps consisting of a bracket having an angular lower arm and a top flange, a set-screw through the flange, a movable jaw-piece fitting over the lower arm, and straight-edges secured therein at an angle to each other.

2. The combination of the clamps consisting of a bracket, a rigid jaw upon its lower side, a movable jaw concaved to fit upon the lower jaw, a set-screw connected to the movable jaw and actuating it, and straightedges secured between the jaws.

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