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US Patent: 432,528
Machine for Punching and Riveting
Arthur C. Harper - Los Angeles, CA
Charles S. Hamlin - Los Angeles, CA

USPTO Classifications:
72/335, 72/356, 72/384

Tool Categories:
specialty machines : rivet making machines


Not known to have been produced

James R. Townsend
M. C. Galer
Alexander Grant

Patent Dates:
Applied: Apr. 23, 1890
Granted: Jul. 22, 1890

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Hazard & Townsend - patent attorneys

The object of our invention is to provide to convenient and efficient means for applying steam power for the punching and riveting of metal plates for manufacturing pipe and for analogous uses. Our invention consists, essentially, of the combination, with a steam-hammer, of a hanger attached to the cylinder of the steam hammer and provided with vertical guide ways, springs supported by such hanger, and a vertically-reciprocating flanged die mounted in such guide ways upon such springs in the path of the hammer. It also comprises various details of construction hereinafter more fully set forth, whereby we facilitate the operation and whereby we adapt the same hammer for use interchangeably as a punch and as a riveter.

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