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US Patent: 438,851
Micrometer Surface Gage
Carl William Malmquist - New Haven, CT

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metalworking tools : machinist tools : measuring tools : micrometer depth gages


Not known to have been produced

John Clarkson
George H. Hamill

Patent Dates:
Applied: May 05, 1890
Granted: Oct. 21, 1890

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This invention relates to an improvement in the device used by machinists and others to gage the depth of holes in boring or otherwise, commonly called "depth-gage." The depth-gage consists of an inverted-T-shaped bar, the cross of the T serving as the base, while through the tail of the T a screw-spindle is arranged, so that by turning the spindle the point of the gage may be projected beyond the lower edge of the cross to any desirable extent, and so that, the cross resting upon the surface surrounding the hole, the spindle may be run down into the hole, and so that, the spindle being set with the requisite projection and the hole bored, the gage placed over the hole will indicate when the proper depth is attained, the gage being adapted for various purposes where depth of holes or cuts in machinists' work is required to be gaged, the object being a simple construction, and whereby a micrometer adjustment may be attained.

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