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US Patent: 44,915
Turning Lathe
John G. Baker - Phillips, PA
John G. Baker - Philadelphia, PA
Thomas S. Disston - Philadelphia, PA
Thomas H. Asbury - Philadelphia, PA

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metalworking machines : metal lathes : screwcutting lathes


Not known to have been produced

C. L. Topliff
Henry Morris
A. H. Shoemaker
Jason Altemey

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Granted: Nov. 01, 1864

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In cutting screw threads by means of a slide-lathe it is the common practice to keep the main screw of the lathe constantly in gear with the slide, and to reverse the motion of the slide by throwing one belt off and another on. The slide, therefore, is run both ways, backward as well as forward by the action of the screw, which causes considerable loss of time, or, if it is attempted to run the slide back by hand, it is difficult to bring the tool to bear on the correct spot. The object of this invention is to enable the workman to run the slide back by hand and to lock it at the proper point, so that the tool will always start right. The invention consists in the employment or use of a worm-wheel, or of other suitable gear, the number of teeth of which, is a multiple of the number of threads in the running inch of the screw, and which gears in or connects with the screw, and is used in combination with a dial and index in such a manner that by said index the workman is enabled at all times (except for some fractional screws) to determine the correct position of the tool and lock the carriage at the proper point without fail.

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