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US Patent: 451,686
Charles L. Bellamy - Arlington, NJ

USPTO Classifications:
254/32, 81/116, 81/125

Tool Categories:
wrenches : axle nut wrenches : axle nut wrench combination tools


Patent Development Company - New York, NY

Edward C. Rowland
A. M. Pierce

Patent Dates:
Applied: Mar. 07, 1891
Granted: May 05, 1891

Patent Pictures:
Charles L. Bellamy patent May 5, 1891
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Improvement on patent no. 425,728 issued April 15, 1890.

The handle end has a bore with left- and right-hand threads, corresponding to the threads on carriage axles. The conical nut clamps the wrench jaws on to the axle nut; once the nut is removed from the axle, the handle is fit over the axle threads so the wheel can be slid out allowing the journal surface to be cleaned and lubricated.

Ken Cope's "American Wrench Makers 1830-1930" shows the SPARTAN COMBINATION WRENCH AND JACK under the maker Patent Development Company, New York, NY.

Compare this to Bellamy's 1890 British patent No. 8,237 (GB-189008237) dated May 27, 1890.

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