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US Patent: 47,527
Grinding and Polishing Metals
James Dodge - Waterford, NY

USPTO Classifications:
451/237, 451/28

Tool Categories:
specialty machines : polishing and buffing machinery
metalworking machines : grinders : tool grinders


Not known to have been produced

John Bloodworth
G. Septimus Hughes

Patent Dates:
Granted: May 02, 1865

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Mr. Dodge was a mechanical engineer temporarily residing in Manchester, England.

This invention consists in various improved arrangements of machinery or apparatus for grinding one or more regular or irregular shaped articles at one operation with speed and exactness. In one arrangement 1 employ two ordinary or composition grindstones, and cause them to revolve and move to and fro simultaneously according to the pattern, and also, when desired, have a to-and-fro traversing motion sidewise. The bearings for the shafts of the stones are connected to right and left handed screws, and are also placed on slides working horizontally on the bed of the machine. The outer ends of the slides are connected to the aforesaid right and left handed screws and their inner ends are in contact with templets or pattern-bars, or plates fixed to the outside of a frame adapted for vertically sliding up and down at the exterior of the sides of the stones. This frame slides in guides fixed to the bed and holds one or more articles to be ground at one operation, the articles being either revolving or stationary, as required.

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