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GB Patent: GB-501,109
Improvements in and relating to journal bearings in machine tools
Henry Ward Lionel Kearns - Broadheath, Manchester, England

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metalworking machines : metalworking machine mechanisms : metalworking machine bearings

H. W. Kearns & Co., Ltd. - Broadheath, Manchester, England

H. W. Kearns & Co., Ltd. - Broadheath, Manchester, England


Patent Dates:
Applied: Jun. 02, 1938
Granted: Feb. 21, 1939

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for H. W. Kearns & Co., Ltd.
"A bearing for a machine tool is provided with an electrical heating element adapted to heat a part of the bearing so that the expansion of such part alters the diameter of the bearing surfaces. As shown, a bearing cap b is clamped to the base a by bolts c or d1. The bolt c is hollow and contains a heating element g. When the speed of rotation of the shaft e is increased the heating element g is energized to heat and expand the bolt c and thus increase the diameter of the bearing. Alternatively, the heating element i1 may surround the bolt d1. In a modification the heated part of the bearing may comprise a sleeve inserted between the head of the cap bolts and the cap. In this case the heating element would be energized when the shaft e is running at low speeds so that the expansion of the sleeve causes reduction in the bearing diameter. The switch for controlling the electrical circuit of the heating element may be linked to the clutch, actuation of which causes a change in the speed of the shaft."

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