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US Patent: 5,131,161
Guide Post and Master Cylinder Squareness Gage
Gerard Drag - Morton Grove, IL

USPTO Classifications:
33/533, 33/535, 33/DIG.1

Tool Categories:
layout tools : measurement gauges

Connell Limited Partnership - Boston, MA

Not known to have been produced

none listed

Patent Dates:
Applied: Feb. 19, 1991
Granted: Jul. 21, 1992

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Leydig, Voit & Mayer - patent attorneys


A guide post and/or master cylinder squareness gage has a vee-block for attaching the gage to a guide post or master cylinder. The vee-block includes a gage stop which bears against the plane surface when the gage is attached to the guide post or master cylinder. The vee-block also includes a measurement indicator mounted to the vee-block which indicator has a biased contact which also bears against the plane surface at a position spaced from the stop. The indicator indicates the deviation in the perpendicularly of the guide post as the gage is rotated around the guide post. The flatness of the plane surface can be measured by rotating the gage attached to the master cylinder on the plane surface. The perpendicularity of the master cylinder can be measured by rotating the master cylinder with the gage held in one position.

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