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US Patent: 542,846
Method and Apparatus for Converting Heat to Work
Rudolf Diesel - Berlin, Prussia, German Empire

USPTO Classifications:
123/1R, 123/25C, 123/25Q, 123/27R, 123/294, 123/58.4, 123/65VB, 60/39.76

Tool Categories:
propulsion and energy : internal combustion engines : diesel engines


Diesel Motor Co. of America - St. Louis, MO

Ludwig Glaser
Eduard Peitz
Charles N. Thomas
Eugenie A. Persidas
A. Faber du Faur
J. J. Malle

Patent Dates:
Applied: Aug. 26, 1892
Granted: Jul. 16, 1895

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Diesel Motor Co. of America
Rudolf Diesel
Patented in Germany, 28 Feb 1892, #67,207; in Switzerland, 02 Apr 1892, #5,221 and in England, 14 Apr 1892, #7,241.


My invention has reference to improvements in the methods of and apparatus for converting heat into work.


1. The herein described process for converting the heat energy of fuel into work, consisting in first compressing air, or a mixture of air and neutral gas or vapor, to a degree producing a temperature above the igniting point of the fuel to be consumed, then gradually introducing the fuel for combustion into the compressed air while expanding against a resistance sufficiently to prevent an essential increase of temperature and pressure, then discontinuing the supply of fuel and further expanding without transfer of heat.

2. In an internal combustion engine, the combination with the cylinder and piston, of a valved suction inlet for air or a mixture of air and neutral gas, a valved fuel feed constructed to gradually discharge the fuel into the cylinder, and means in operative connection with the feed valve for opening the same at the commencement of the working stroke of the piston and for closing the same at a predetermined part of the stroke, substantially as described.

3. In an internal character specified, the combination of a combustion cylinder provided with means for gradually introducing fuel therein up to the point of cut-off, a compressor for air, a reservoir connected with the latter and with the cylinder, and an expansion chamber for the exhaust gases, substantially as described.

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