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US Patent: 549,711
Pipe Welding Machine
August Farrensteiner - Chicago, IL

USPTO Classifications:
228/4.1, 29/281.5, 29/890.14

Tool Categories:
metalworking machines : welders


Not known to have been produced

Arthur F. Durand
Margaret M. Wagner

Patent Dates:
Applied: Jul. 26, 1895
Granted: Nov. 12, 1895

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Charles G. Page - patent attorney

The object of my invention is to avoid the slow and laborious hand process heretofore employed in welding pipes and to provide a simple and highly-efficient machine for such purpose. In a machine characterized by my invention an arrangement is provided whereby the' sections or lengths of pipe can be conveniently supported so as to bring their ends opposite one another and in true alignment over a fire, such as a bed of hot coals upon a suitable grate. One of these pipe lengths or sections thus arranged is supported by a longitudinally-reciprocating mandrel upon which the pipe-section is slipped to an extent to bring the forward end of the mandrel a little back of the end of the pipe-section which is to be united to the opposing end of the remaining piece of pipe. After the ends of the pipe-sections have become properly heated the mandrel is moved forward, so as to move forward the pipe-section which it supports and drive the end of such section against the opposing end of the remaining pipe-section. The mandrel also continues to move forward after such impact to an extent to pass the joint and thereby square up or render the latter smooth and true. As a preferred arrangement, the mandrel is operated by a compound lever and foot-treadle, although other suitable means could be employed.

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