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US Patent: 5,499,984
Universal Modular Reamer System
Anton J. Steiner - Wharton, NJ
David A. Landspurg - Kinnelon, NJ
Robert A. Winquist - Seattle, WA

USPTO Classifications:
408/713, 606/79, 606/80

Tool Categories:
specialty tools : handheld power tools : power tool attachments


Snap-On, Inc. - Kenosha, WI

none listed

Patent Dates:
Applied: Apr. 07, 1994
Granted: Mar. 19, 1996

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A medullary reaming system includes a flexible, hollow, tubular shaft formed of a nickel-titanium alloy having one end coupled to a rotary drive and having the other end coupled to a cutting head by means of a male connector on the shaft engageable in a female connector on the head. The female connector is a tubular shank with diametrically opposed slots in the outer surface thereof, while the male connector has flexible arms with latch tabs engageable in the slots to latch the head to the shaft. A support has a plurality of notches for respectively storing cutting heads. The head shank is received in the notch with the notch edges received in the shank slots, so that when the male connector on the shaft is inserted into the shank the notch edges prevent latching of the head to the shaft until the head is removed from the support.

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