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US Patent: 570,732
Saw filing machine
Henry L. Morrell - Brooklyn, NY

USPTO Classifications:
144/221, 76/38, 76/45

Tool Categories:
woodworking machines : bandsaws : bandsaw accessories

John M. E. Morrell - Dorchester, MA

Not known to have been produced

A. B. Morrison
Edward C. Rowland
E. Simpson
Phillips Abbott

Patent Dates:
Applied: Jan. 15, 1896
Granted: Nov. 03, 1896

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My invention relates to a new and useful improvement in the filing of band-saws; and it consists, generally stated, in apparatus adapted to be applied to the saw when in its operative position upon the saw-frame. It comprises a pair of rotary files actuated by a crank or equivalent device and suitable gearing whereby at one operation and in a continuous manner all of the teeth of the saw are filed, those having a right-hand as well as a left hand set, the machine automatically and simultaneously with the filing operation feeding the saw gradually along, so that an entire band-saw can be filed in a fraction only of the time now required; also it is not necessary to remove the saw from the saw-frame and all the teeth thereof are brought up to gage and are made exactly equal in size, and the angle of the filing of all the teeth is likewise exactly the same. The invention also relates to a new and improved file adapted to use upon a saw-filing machine, and it also includes the details of construction hereinafter specifically set forth.

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