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US Patent: 571,366
Measuring Pole
Reuben Hegarty - Madera, Clearfield County, PA

USPTO Classifications:
235/70R, 33/809

Tool Categories:
rules : measuring rods


Not known to have been produced

J. J. Johnston
A. J. Cornely
Edwin L. Bradford
K. A. Nau

Patent Dates:
Applied: May 23, 1896
Granted: Nov. 17, 1896

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John Wedderburn - patent attorney

My invention relates to improvements in measuring-poles, the object of the same being to provide a device of this kind which may be extended to any length desired and the two parts of which may be securely clamped together.

The invention is particularly designed for use by engineers and carpenters, who frequently desire to extend the length of an ordinary measuring pole. The invention consists of a measuring-pole made up of two parts, one of which is formed with a groove made by angularity arranged cuts and the other with a tongue having flaring wings, said tongue adapted to fit in said groove and forming a sliding connection between said parts, in which lateral movement is prevented, a wear-plate upon the upper end of one of said parts having lateral slits on each side, a clamping - collar fitting around the parts of said pole having a web on its inner surface which fits said slits, and a thumbscrew in said collar whose inner end is adapted to bear against said wear-plate.

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