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US Patent: 5,899X
Making candles
Manufacturing dipped candles
Thomas M. Scott - Falls Township, Bucks County, PA

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specialty machines : candle making machinery
trade specific : chandler


Not known to have been produced


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Granted: Apr. 01, 1830

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Most of the patents prior to 1836 were lost in the Dec. 1836 fire. Only about 2000 of the almost 10000 documents were recovered.

Little is known about this patent. Only the patent drawing is available. This patent is in the database for reference only.

For improvements in the Machine for making Dipped Candles; Thomas M. Scott, Falls Township, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, April 1.

The specification and accompanying drawing give a clear view of the mode in which the frame is to be constructed, for holding the rods upon which the wicks are to be placed; also the manner of placing the wicks, heating the vat, and managing the dipping. The patent is not taken for an individual improvement, but for a general system, the explanation of which would require the drawings. It is calculated for a large manufactory only, and in this age of lamps and mould candles, we apprehend that but few persons will feel a particular interest in the subject.

Journal of the Franklin Institute Vol 6 1830 pgs 2 & 3

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