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US Patent: 5,942X
Rolling die
Machine for shaping hammers, spike gimlets, and rod augers
Ezra L'Hommedieu - Saybrook, CT

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woodworking machines : specialty machines : tool making machines


Not known to have been produced


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Granted: Apr. 28, 1830

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From the Journal of the Franklin Institute: "This machine consists of steel rollers mounted in the manner of flatting mill rollers; their surfaces are to be cut as to form dies for giving the proper to the hammers, gimlets, or augers. The claim is to 'the application of the above described machine, to shaping the articles aforesaid, as my _discovery_.' It had been previously _discovered_ that nails, screws, spoons, forks, &C. &c. &c. might be formed in the above way. We very much doubt the possibility of sustaining a patent for every individual article which may be made by a well known method, as we cannot in such a case perceive either _invention_ or _discovery_. If I want a piece of iron forged into a particular form, and the smith executes it with his hammer, anvil, and tongs, can I claim a patent for these as applied to forging iron into that form?

"Among the various machines similar to this, is that of Mr. Davis, noticed vol. v. p. 159, for making nails, bolts, screws, &c. by rollers."

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