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US Patent: 5,950,507
Socket Adapter for Powered Drills and Method of Use
James P. Wolfe - Yalesville, CT

USPTO Classifications:
81/177.2, 81/177.85, 81/436

Tool Categories:
wrenches : wrench components : wrench socket adapters


Snap-On Tools Co. - Kenosha, WI

none listed

Patent Dates:
Applied: Sep. 11, 1997
Granted: Sep. 14, 1999

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Snap-On Industrial Hex Shank
John H. Crozier - patent attorney


In a preferred embodiment, an adapter to permit a socket to be driven by a powered drill to rotate the socket, the socket having a first opening defined at one end thereof for the insertion thereinto of complementarily shaped end of a driving tool and a second opening defined at another end thereof for the placement of the second end over a complementarily shaped portion of a first object to be driven, the first and second openings of the body being coaxial, the adapter including: a body; a first end of the body having a shape complementary to that of the first opening of the socket; a second end of the body having a shape suitable for insertion into a chuck mechanism of the powered drill; and the first and second ends being coaxial; whereby: when the first end of the body is inserted into the first opening of the socket, the second end of the body is inserted into the chuck mechanism of the powered drill, and the second opening of the socket is placed over the complementarily shaped portion of the first object, selective rotation of the powered drill will cause the first object to be advanced into or withdrawn from a second object.

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