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US Patent: 659,570
Micrometer or Similar Gage
Henry Brooker - London, England
Alfred James Baxter - London, England

USPTO Classifications:
33/819, 81/129.5

Tool Categories:
metalworking tools : machinist tools : measuring tools : micrometers


Grimshaw & Stubs - London, England

Edmund S. Snewin
William O. Brown
T. B. Keefer
Dennis Sumby

Patent Dates:
Applied: Mar. 13, 1900
Granted: Oct. 09, 1900

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James L. Norris - patent attorney

This invention consists in so arranging a gage that it not only shows the measurement or size in decimals of a wire, or sheet metal, or other material, but also shows the size or diameter of the same in. several forms of gage known as the "Birmingham," "Standard," "Stubb.s," and other gages. This we effect by constructing the micrometer in the following manner: A screw or worm is cut or placed upon the spindle, which has several threads geared into a disk or wheel placed so that the turning of the spindle turns the disk or wheel, which is engraved or marked with figures denoting the sizes in the various gages and decimals of same. At the same time a point attached to the framework points to lines forming a vernier on the disk or wheel or wheels and which may be covered on each side by side plates with slots or holes through which the above-mentioned figures are seen.

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