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US Patent: 78,183
Improved hand-drill
William C. Burch - Gloucester, NJ

USPTO Classifications:
192/81C, 408/121

Tool Categories:
woodworking tools : hand drills


Bridgeport Manufacturing Co. - Bridgeport, CT


Patent Dates:
Granted: May 26, 1868

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"It is well known that the shank or shaft of a hand-drill, when in use, is usually revolved by a hand-lever carrying one or more pawls to act against a ratchet fixed to the said shaft. I dispense with such pawl and ratchet, and employ a helical brake in lieu thereof, whereby I am enabled to attain certain important advantages; first, I save the usual noise of the pawl produced by its slipping over the teeth of the ratchet; second, I avoid back slip of the lever, and bring gradually upon the drill and its shaft the strain of the force applied through the lever to revolve the shaft. I thereby render the drill less liable to be broken, and I also save the wrist and hand of the user from the effects of jars or concussions due to sudden stoppage of the lever, such resulting in the brining up of a pawl against the teeth of a ratchet, when such lever is used with a pawl and ratchet."

An example is reported, labeled as follows: "Bridgeport Mfg Co. Conn." and on the reverse, "Burch's Pat. May 26, 1868".

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