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US Patent: 8,115
Machinery for hardening and straightening saws, &c.
Henry Waterman - Williamsburg, NY

USPTO Classifications:
72/436, 76/26

Tool Categories:
tool making : making sawblades
woodworking machines : machine and tool cutters : sawblades


Not known to have been produced

T. C. Donn
J. J. Greenough

Patent Dates:
Granted: May 27, 1851

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From the 1852-11-06 Scientific American (Volume VIII No. 8 p. 61): "On the 27th of May last year, Mr. Henry Waterman, of Williamsburgh, N. Y., obtained a patent for an improved mod of tempering saws of all descriptions, which has reduced the process to simplicity itself, and the saws which are hardened by it, we have been assured, endure much longer, requiring to be sharpened much seldomer than other saws. The saws are straightened and hardened at Mr. Waterman's factory as follows:—For circular saws there is a heavy solid round anvil, over four feet in diameter, set on the floor. In its centre is a spindle, which passes through the opening in the middle of the saw, and acts as a guide. Above this is a movable circular metal drop, weighing 4 tons 7 cwt (8700 lbs?). It has a smooth face and is suffered to fall suddenly for about two feet down upon the saw, which is placed upon the anvil. The saw is heated to a low, dull, red color, in an oven, and is placed with tongs upon fingers of angle irons, above the anvil, which fingers retain it there until the hook which holds up the drop is drawn out, when down comes the heavy drop like a mighty avalanche upon the saw, the supporting fingers fly out, and the saw is squeezed between the saw drop and anvil with a pressure which refines the steel by forcing its expanded molecules closer together, and thus the saw is tempered in a most simple and efficient manner and done with great rapidity. The drop is allowed to rest upon the saw until it is partially cooled; after this the drop is lifted... Straight saws are treaded in the same manner, only a different shaped anvil and drop are employed..."

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