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US Patent: 81,608
Machine for Grinding Metal Articles
Jonas P. Curtiss - New Britain, CT

USPTO Classifications:
451/215, 451/365, 451/393

Tool Categories:
metalworking machines : grinders


Not known to have been produced

Austin Hart
William H. Carey
E. F. Kastenhuber
Charles Wahlars

Patent Dates:
Granted: Sep. 01, 1868

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This invention consists in the arrangement of a holder, to which a quick automatic reciprocating motion is imparted transversely to the grinding-surface of the stone, in such a manner that said grinding-surface remains perfectly level arid free from ridges, and retains always the proper working condition. The invention consists also in the arrangement of a series of clamping-jaws, placed side by side, and operated by a set-screw in such a manner that two or more knives, files, or other articles can be clamped simultaneously in said holder without trouble or loss of time, and the operation of grinding a number of such -articles can be effected with great expedition. A represents a holder, which is made of east iron or any other suitable material, and fitted into a carriage, C, which is provided with V-shaped flanges to catch over corresponding V-shaped edges of the guide-plate B, so that said holder slides freely up and down in the carriage which traverses on the guide-plate, the motion of the holder being at right angles to that of the carriage. In the holder is arranged a series of jaws, a, which are subjected to the action of a set-screw, 6, and which are made in such a shape that they fit the tangs of knives or of files, or the ends of other articles to be ground, and which can be readily taken out and replaced by another set to correspond to the articles to be ground, in such a manner that a number of such articles (two or more) can be clamped simultaneously in the holder, and by releasing the set-screw all the articles can be readily taken out and another set can be introduced without loss of time.

The face of the holder may also be shaped to correspond to the shape of the articles to be ground, so that the surface to be ground will be parallel to the grinding-surface of the stone.

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