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US Patent: 83,405
Edge Tool Grinder
Improvement in Grinding Machines
John L. Otis - Leeds, MA

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metalworking machines : grinders : tool grinders


Not known to have been produced

L. Dimock
George H. Ray
John D. Patton
William H. Bates

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Granted: Oct. 27, 1868

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A. B. Stoughton - patent attorney

I am aware that there are many grinding-machines hi which the tool to be ground is clamped in a piece or frame, and moved across or past the face of the grinding-wheel; but in machines heretofore constructed for this purpose, the wheel or grindstone is made to revolve on its axis, in a stationary position, whilst the tool or article to be operated on is passed along its face. This gives to the edge of the knife or other thing being ground the form of a segment of a circle, corresponding with the circumference of the stone or wheel used, making the edge very thin and liable to break when a small wheel or stone is used; and to avoid this, wheels or grindstones of very large diameter had to be used to give a proper shape to the edge of the implement ground. My invention consists in, attaching an emery-wheel or grinding-stone of any kind to an arm or arms, which is caused to vibrate, oscillate, revolve, or roll on a centre, remote from the centre of said wheel or stone, whilst the tool or implement being ground is passed across, its face, thereby making the edge of the tool more or less concave, according to the length of the arm or arms, to which the wheel or stone is attached, and not defined by the radius of said wheel or stone, or, in other words, so that a concave of large radius may be formed by a very small wheel, and thus making a much better edge to cutting-knives of any kind. And my invention further consists in the combination of devices for feeding the clamping-bar and the tool to be ground past the face of the grindstone or emery-wheel.

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