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US Patent: 8,438X
Lath machine
Lath cutting machine
William W. Lesuer - Urbana, OH

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woodworking machines : specialty machines : lath making machines


Not known to have been produced


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Granted: Oct. 08, 1834

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Most of the patents prior to 1836 were lost in the December 1836 fire. Only about 2000 of the almost 10000 documents were recovered. The following is from the May 1835 "Journal of the Franklin Institute".

"The laths made by this machine are to be cut from boards, of a thickness proper for the width of a lath, and of a suitable length. A strong, horizontal bench, is prepared, and upon this is placed a frame, which carries a knife as long as the intended lath. The sliding frame to which the knife is attached, receives its motion from a crank and pitman. The carriage is hinged to one side of the frame by two straps of iron, working like the connecting pieces of the common parallel ruler; the board is placed on its edge in a proper mortise, and as the crank moves the pitman, the knife is brought up against the board by a circular, sweeping motion, separating the lath, and allowing it to fall through the mortise. There are mentioned in the description, many parts to which we have not alluded, as they are mere accessories, such as any competent workman could supply. The only thing that we deem new in this machine, is the manner of hinging the knife, by means of jointed straps; in other respects, it does not differ essentially from that patented by D. Hubbard (#8,320X), and described at page 105. The patentee, however, has not only claimed these, but much more, as 'the hinges, the carriage and parallel beam, the pitman, and joints as there applied; together with the general construction of the machine, or the combination of the parts above mentioned, with the superficial cross pieces, supporters, knife, axle, &c., for the purpose set forth.'"

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