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US Patent: 87,212
Sharpening Machine
Improvement in Machines for Grinding Edge Tools
James D. Smith - Greig, NY

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metalworking machines : grinders : tool grinders


Not known to have been produced

Matthew Daly
George S. Hanford

Patent Dates:
Applied: Feb. 15, 1869
Granted: Feb. 23, 1869

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In implements for grinding the cutting-edges or other surfaces of tools, &c., it is, in many instances, of great importance to grind such edges to great accuracy; to have them as nearly straight as they can he made; or to have them with a certain curve; or to make a number of the same shape or curve, which is more particularly the case with the edges of planing-irons or shears, or shear-plates operating against guide-plates, where .two. faces have to meet with exactness; and the more particular object of my invention is to provide an instrument by means of which such tools or articles can readily be ground to great exactness in a very short space of time, and even when very-unskillful workmen are employed. The nature of my invention consists in providing an instrument which may be readily attached, and used in connection with the grindstone, and to which the article to be ground is readily adjusted and secured at the proper or desired tangent or angle with the face or periphery of the stone, and which instrument 'or tool-stock is arranged to slide horizontally in front of the periphery of the 'stone, and is guided while sliding, so as to keep it in the relative tangential position, by means of a guide or pattern-bar connected therewith, and is provided with an automatic feeding-device, operated from the stone and its axle; in such a manner that the said article may be ground with precision by incompetent persons, and in a short space of time.

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