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US Patent: 9,047X
Brick machine
Brick press
Henry Hunsicker - Northampton, Lehigh County, PA
Joel Krause - Northampton, Lehigh County, PA

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specialty machines : brick and tile making machines
trade specific : brick maker


Not known to have been produced


Patent Dates:
Granted: Aug. 20, 1835

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Most of the patents prior to 1836 were lost in the Dec. 1836 fire. Only about 2,000 of the almost 10,000 documents were recovered. This is one of the restored patents.

For a Brick Press; Henry Hunsicker, and Joel Krauss, Northampton, Lehigh county, Pennsylvania, August 20.

"This brick press possesses considerable originality, and is sufficiently well described. It contains two moulds, which are operated upon by the same lever, the moulds being upon a sort of railway, upon which they pass alternately under the lever. The moulds are of cast-iron, and their bottoms constitute movable pistons, which rise and deliver the brick at the top by the same movement which carries the moulds under the pressing lever. Each mould has its own follower, which rises, and closes on it, by the general shifting motion, all which is distinctly shown in the drawing. The claims made refer to the particular construction of the respective parts, for producing the action required."

Description from the Journal of the Franklin Institute, V17, Jan 1836, pg. 212

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