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US Patent: 915,012
Drop Press and Attachment Therefor
Louis Garfield Bayrer - Hartford, CT

USPTO Classifications:
72/439, 72/456

Tool Categories:
metalworking machines : sheet metal : stamping presses

Billings & Spencer Co. - Hartford, CT

Not known to have been produced

L. E. Berkovitch
H. E. Hart
W. F. Lakin
D. L. Krienendahl

Patent Dates:
Applied: Apr. 11, 1907
Granted: Mar. 09, 1909

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Billings & Spencer Co.
H. E. Hart - patent attorney

As is well known, in machines of this character the upper die is raised to the top of the machine and after a piece of metal has been placed on the lower die the upper die is released and allowed to drop, operating in conjunction with the lower die to form the piece of metal to the desired shape. This upper die is fastened in a hammer which is secured to a board, and suitable rollers, operated by cams, are brought into engagement with this board, after the hammer has dropped, to raise it to the top of the machine. The tripping mechanism which throws these rolls into engagement with the board is actuated by the hammer when it reaches the bottom of its stroke and it is a novel form of tripping mechanism which constitutes the herein described invention.

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