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US Patent: 96,066
Grinding Metal Plates
Earl A. White - Rock Island, IL

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metalworking machines : grinders : surface grinders

Earl A. White - Rock Island, IL
Basil D. Buford & Co. - Rock Island, IL

Not known to have been produced

Flavius J. Underwood
Charles G. Bryant
Phil. T. Dodge
E. M. Boynton

Patent Dates:
Granted: Oct. 19, 1869

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Dodge & Munn - patent attorneys

In the manufacture of the steel plows and cultivators used in the western States, it is necessary to smooth or polish the surface of the metallic plates of the same, which is generally done by grinding them on a grindstone. This is usually effected by the operator holding the article to be ground in his hand, or sometimes by resting it on a swinging support, and pressing it against the stone in either case a tedious, laborious, and unpleasant operation.

The object of my present invention is to provide a means whereby the operation of grinding may be more speedily and easily effected. To accomplish this object, I secure the plate to be ground to the end of a lever, in such a manner that its surface can be brought into contact with the stone, and at the same time can be moved and controlled at will by the operator.

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