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US Patent: 973,542
Boring-head for lathes, milling-machines, and the like
Adolph Muehlmatt - Newport, KY

USPTO Classifications:
279/6, 279/91, 409/230, 411/431

Tool Categories:
metalworking machines : metal lathes : metal lathe accessories
metalworking machines : milling machines : milling machine accessories


Not known to have been produced

K. Smith
Robert P. Haigett

Patent Dates:
Applied: Apr. 14, 1910
Granted: Oct. 25, 1910

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Hamilton Tool Co.
Alfred M. Allen - patent attorney

The object of my invention is to provide a boring head for cutting tools in which the tool may be advanced for successive operations by the movement of the adjusting screw either over comparatively long distances or very minutely with each adjustment, and at the same time the distance traveled may be accurately measured and determined on the graduated dial or scale employed to indicate the movement of the adjusting screw. While I have illustrated my invention in connection with a boring head for lathes and the like, it will be obvious from the following description and claims that the general principles of the invention may be readily applied to the adjustment of all sorts of tools and appliances in which a relatively fixed and a relatively movable plate or holder are arranged to be adjusted with reference to each other by means of an adjusting screw normally held in fixed relation on the one member and adapted to advance or retract the other member by the rotation of the screw therein. The invention consists, broadly considered, in providing the adjusting screw for members to be adjusted with reference to each other, with a series of threads of different pitch and in connection wherewith providing means either for holding the screw in fixed relation to the relatively fixed member while permitting the screw to advance or retract the other member by screw threaded engagement therewith, or for holding the screw with the screw threads of one pitch in engagement with the relatively fixed member, and the screw threads of the other pitch in engagement with the other member, whereby with the rotation of the screw, the 'member to be adjusted will advance or retract on the screw while at the same time the screw itself with reference to said member will retract or advance and the actual movement of the member to be adjusted-with reference to the fixed member will be equal to the difference between the advancement on the screw and the retraction of the screw.

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