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US Patent: 980,971
Richard K. Le Blond - Cincinnati, OH
William F. Groene - Cincinnati, OH

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metalworking machines : metal lathes : engine lathes

R. K. Le Blond Machine Tool Co. - Cincinnati, OH

Not known to have been produced

Fred Le Blond
John A. Le Blond
Raymond F. Barnes
M. H. Gales

Patent Dates:
Applied: Jun. 01, 1909
Granted: Jan. 10, 1911

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for R. K. Leblond Machine Tool Co.
Robert P. Haines - patent attorney

One object of the invention is the production of means for obtaining automatic feeds, both longitudinally and across the machine. A further object is to provide a single friction device for controlling both the longitudinal and cross feeds. A further object is to provide improved means for connecting the friction device with the operative parts. Another object is to provide an improved form of box apron. In carrying out our invention, the various feeds are obtained through a suitable drive pinion, which is rotated in either direction by any suitable means. Said drive pinion is loosely mounted on its shaft and may be connected up with a suitable power transmitting pinion by means of a friction device. The power transmitting pinion is adapted to engage a gear carrying a small pinion, both being mounted upon a slip stud, so that said gear may be thrown into and out of mesh with a suitable pinion adapted to drive the cross feed screw. When said gear is disengaged from the cross feed screw, the small pinion is thrown into mesh with a rack wheel which is adapted to move the carriage of the machine in any suitable manner.

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