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US Patent: RE855
Steam Plow
Joseph W. Fawkes - Christiania, Lancaster County, PA

USPTO Classifications:
172/292, 180/20, 180/36, 301/53, 301/91

Tool Categories:
propulsion and energy : steam apparatus : steam plows


Joseph W. Fawkes - Christiania, Lancaster County, PA

Alfred Allen
W. M. Ayres

Patent Dates:
Granted: Nov. 22, 1859

Reissue Information:
Reissue of 19,189 (Jan. 26, 1858)

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Joseph W. Fawkes

By my improvements in locomotive or steam plows, wherein I employ a large barrel-shaped or bilged driving-wheel for the propulsion of the machine, I avoid the sinking in the earth of, the wheels hitherto employed, and am thereby enabled to employ the locomotive in the culture of soft land or where it is desirable to pass he locomotive over plowed land in harrowing or seeding, &c. This driving-wheel may be furnished with spuds or spears, admitting of being projected or withdrawn and retracted. By this means a greater hold to the wheel on the earth can he given where the land is hard, thus securing the full traction of the machine. In a majority of cases, however, a smooth driving-wheel or roller, constructed as hereinafter described, will be fully are secured in an adjustable frame attached to the rear of the locomotive, so as to admit of plowing and of being readily raised when requisite. In the guidance of the front wheels, I employ a windlass and hand operating a screw, which meshes into cogs of a segmental rack projecting from the rear of the axle of said front wheel.


1. The employment, in combination with the locomotive of a bilge-shaped driving-wheel, substantially asset forth.

2. I do not claim broadly the invention of the movable spurs, but I claim the combination of the sliding spurs k k, with the bilge-shaped driving wheel E, as herein shown and described.

3. The arrangement of the adjustable frame, plows, gage wheel, driving wheel, engine, boiler, and guiding-wheels, as herein shown and described.

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