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US Patent: 1,489,458
William Petersen - DeWitt, NE

USPTO Classifications:
219/90, 81/111, 81/380, 81/399, 81/99

Tool Categories:
wrenches : pliers type wrenches : locking pliers

William Petersen - DeWitt, NE
Jules A. Sire - DeWitt, NE

Petersen Mfg. Co. - DeWitt, NE
S.P.W. Co. - DeWitt, NE

none listed

Patent Dates:
Applied: Jan. 25, 1923
Granted: Apr. 08, 1924

Patent Pictures: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]
William Petersen Pat. April 28, 1924
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Petersen Mfg. Co. (Nebraska State Historical Society)
A major reworking of Petersen's Oct. 4, 1921 Pat. (no. 1,392,443), the "2nd Model" vise-grip has the adjusting bolt and locking lever. Early production at DeWitt, Nebraska assembled tools from forgings produced at Buffalo, NY. Some of the oldest surviving examples are stamped "S.P.W.Co." reflecting the short-lived Sire-Petersen business partnership. The frame and lever handle forgings were gradually replaced by stamped pieces fabricated at DeWitt. Surviving early stamped steel body Vise-Grip® pliers using the 1924 design (see 3rd & 4th pictures) show stages in the evolution. Petersen's May 21, 1940 patent (no. 2,201,918) and April 14, 1942 patent (no. 2,280,005) show the parts made of stampings and contemporary body shape.

This patent is cited in pat. no 3,192,804 used for the Vise-Grip® 20R chain wrench in the 1960s.

Other locking plier patents citing this patent include nos. 2,299,454, 2,478,696, and 2,574,676.

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